Fly Patterns

Click the title of any fly for instructions

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The Cardinal – A Marabou Streamer Variation


Crab Nebula – Salt Water

Crab Nebula 1

Dana’s Specialty

Paracord Fly - Dana's Specialty

Deer Hair Hopper

deer hair hopper - the orange glow bug

Gnatty Daddy

FOTM 2019-08 Gnatty Daddy Image

H1 Bass Popper

H1 Image

The Leprechaun


Marabou Streamer

Marabout Streamer

The Pink Nightmare

Pink Nightmare

Royal Werewulff

FOTM 2019_10 Image Royal Werewulff

Scotty’s Cheeto

Scotty's Cheetos

The Slumpbuster


Strawberry Venom Cheeto

Strawberry Venom Cheeto

Woolly Bugger

Woolly Bugger

Worden’s Worry Streamer

Worden's Worry Streamer


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